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Miami proved to be a mechanical challenge for the team. The highlight of our night in Miami, Florida at the Sun Life Stadium was Roy Pridgeon's freestyle. Roy made sure we didn't leave empty handed, got a 24 and tied with the legendary Max-D. We had some of our Superfans come out in Miami too. We love seeing our regular fans each year. Dustin from Miami proves his Superfan-dom once again with his home made signs. We've been seeing him for a few years now. Read the official Monster Jam results of the Miami Florida show here at!
More photos on Facebook
Photos on Facebook!
Things definitely were looking up once we got to San Antonio, TX at the Alamodome. We have Superfan Jose to the right, he started what I like to call the "Fan Photo Trifecta". We got a photo of Jose with each driver. We challenge all our fans to submit photos for our site here. The video above is from Saturday night, JR defeats the fastest qualifier, Captain's Curse, in round 1 racing and has a respectable freestyle to follow. Roy Pridgeon in the ICE CREAM MAN® and Buddy Tompkins in RAZIN KANE® have great freestyles on Saturday also. Click on the links to check them out on YouTube!
More Photos on Facebook
Buddy has a great freestyle above in RAZIN KANE®, ended up tying with JR in the XTERMIGATOR® with a freestyle score of 27. JR qualifies for racing but falls in round 1 and Roy has a solid freestyle scoring a 25. Houston was a great place to be, the fans were awesome and everyone really seems to love the new "3D Look" to the AMALIE® Motor Oil XTERMIGATOR®. Come on!
Throw Down For What?
Rumor has it that the AMALIE® Motor Oil XTERMIGATOR®is getting a new 3D look for 2015. We cannot wait to unveil the new look for our 2nd year out with the XTERMIGATOR®. Amalie® Motor Oil is on board again this coming year and we couldn't be more proud and pleased to run with them. Lots a great stuff coming up this year. Be sure to also get your copy of THROW DOWN FOR WHAT? starring yours truly JR McNeal, Roy Pridgeon and Jimmy Walker and some death defyng monster truckin'. Great video by our friends at Monster Truck Throwdown!
The guys had a great time at the showing of THROW DOWN FOR WHAT? See what the drivers HAVE TO SAY HERE after they saw it. Great video with some awesome footage.
The ICE CREAM MAN® Monster Truck had a little side trip in Deland at the birthday party of an old friend...well actually the grandson of an old friend, Emery C. Stewart. Had a great time and of course, all the kids LOVE the ICE CREAM MAN. And then it was right back to the shop for more work.
Garage 11/15/2014
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The RETURN OF RAZIN KANE® continues for the team. We'll be bringin' you some garage time, "Garage installment #1 until 2015" is over there to your right. We have some awesome things that everyone is going to love when we get them finished and can unveil. 2015 is going to be a stellar year for this team.
More to come, stop back soon!
The AMALIE® Motor Oil XTERMIGATOR®is geting a 'facelift' and we can't wait to show you anything from it. Our 1st Quarter Monster Jam Schedule is posted HERE! We will be running all of our trucks: the ICE CREAM MAN®
Garage installment #1 until 2015 below. Going to sit down with JR soon and talk about the excitement building for 2015. If you have been to our store online here, we are down to slim pickins. We are ordering more stuff, but until Fran @ and let me know what you are looking for, before you go ahead with your PayPal transaction. We are out of the RAZIN KANE® White Hot Wheels and have only a couple boxes of ICM and XTG stuff. We'll let you know when we have some new stuff for 2015. Thank all of you fans for your continued support!