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Welcome to Team RAZIN KANE® MONSTER TRUCKS' Online Store
FANS!! The new AMALIE® Motor Oil XTERMIGATOR® is available in stores across the country. We have not yet gotten our shipment but we let you know as soon as we do. We still have ICE CREAM MAN® AND XTERMIGATOR® tees available and finally got a shipment of new blue and pink RAZIN KANE® tees. For the first time online, we have the XTERMIGATOR® tess in green and the ICE CREAM MAN® TEES in red. Both available in adult and youth sizes. If you don't see the size you are looking for, email me at and ask me what you are looking for. Some of the larger sizes are stocked away and I may need more time to get them. We're out of the white Hot Wheels RAZIN KANE® and have only a handful of the X-Ray RAZIN KANE® and many ICE CREAM MAN® Hot Wheels 1:64 Die Cast Models! If you can't find it in your local stores...get it here. All trucks $15 and that includes the shipping. We can only ship to the continental Unites States for that price. Recently I have found that we can ship to Canada for about $7 plus the $15 for the truck. And - GREAT NEWS - depending on where in will cost anywhere from $13-17 additional and I will ship to Australia now. We have had quite a few requests! We have some new "add-on" items below, a new 4x6 Autograph Photo Book and 4x6 Mini Photo Hero Cards with each driver and truck. Cool stuff to have when Monster Jam starts in 2016 and you need something autographed at the pit parties! These will be our 2016 drivers again, Roy Pridgeon, JR McNeal and Buddy Tompkins.
Available now! Our Youth's ICE CREAM MAN Grey Tee. This is also 100% pre-shrunk cotton. The ICM truck is on the front of this tee and the back is blank. Click on the shirt for a larger view. Now available ONLINE in RED.
They have finally arrived! The ICE CREAM MAN® Hot Wheels 1:64 scale die cast truck. Available at your local stores, but if you can't find it, get it here. $15 includes shipping, to the continential Unites States only. We still have some X-Ray RAZIN KANE® in stock too. See some action shots HERE of the ICE CREAM MAN® Hot Wheels in action. We're ordering some more tee shirts over the next couple weeks so check back for some cool stuff!

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We are finally OUT OF STOCK of the Special Edition X-ray RAZIN KANE® Hot Wheels 1:64 scale toy monster truck.

Still available at many stores like Walmart, Walgreen's and Publix and many more across the country. We want to thank Monster Jam and Hot Wheels for the opportunity of making our monster trucks into one of the best toys and collectibles out there these days. It is nothing but an awesome honor to be part of the Hot Wheels club.
Get your AMALIE® Motor Oil XTERMIGATOR® T-Shirts.
Available online in Black and now Green!

*** ADULT shirts have the TRUCK decal on the BACK and AMALIE® and XTERMIGATOR® logos on the front left chest (this is the back of the adult shirt shown to the left with Team RKMTs Superfan and part-time crew guy ANDREW FORD) ***

*** YOUTH shirts have the decal on the front and blank on the back***

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Woman's Tee White
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White Woman's Tee made of 100% cotton. Blue lettering on front and back. Our website is right below the neck on the back. Click on the shirt for a larger view.
Check our SCHEDULE HERE to see if we are going to be in your town for our summer tour. We have t-shirts, hats, toy trucks, foam fingers and more on sale at most shows during the summer. If you can't find it here, be sure to help keep us running and grab some merchandise when you see us. Send me a clear hi-res photo of you and your crew with our gear on, and you may be the next picture on our store. Come on...!

Remember, before you order email and let me know what you're looking for and if we have that item and size.

Sign up for PayPal, it's easy and free. Still need to send a check or money order? No problem! Email me at and let me know how many you want, and I will tell you where to mail your funds. We can only ship to the continental United States.
NEW!! We have Adult and Youth Pink RAZIN KANE®tees. Adult has the RK logo on the front chest and big logo on back. Youth has the big logo on the front and the back is blank.
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Our Men's Blue Tee is also available in Youth sizes. This quality tee is 50% cotton and 50% preshrunk cotton. Click on the shirt for a larger view.
*** The Youth Tee has this same RK Logo on the FRONT and the back is blank!
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We've got a couple new "add on" items. We have mini 4x6 hero photo cards for each driver for $1.50 each. These will be the drivers for the 2016 season coming up.

This spiral bound 4x6 photo autograph book has 2 photos of each truck, clear poly cover and heavy stock black back page. Be ready for 2016 for autographs from the whole team at Monster Jam. Each book is $7.00 and includes shipping. And don't forget we can only ship to the continental United States.
4x6 Spiral Photo Book
Still available online! Our Adult ICE CREAM MAN Grey Tee. This is a 100% pre-shrunk cotton tee shirt with the ICM logo on the front and the truck on the back. Click on the shirt for a larger view. And now the RED Adult ICM Tee is available online. The ICM artwork is on the Back of the Tee and ICM Logo on the front, just like the grey. Available up to 3X-Large now. We can only ship to the continental United States also.
Don't be a "Roy" #rolloverroy
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